Manufacturing Capabilities for Abrasion Resistant Linings

The foundation of the wear resistant piping and abrasion resistant linings offered by Kalenborn Abresist consists of different materials with a wide range of individual characteristics for wear protection:

Kalenborn Abresist Manufacturing Flow Chart
Hydraulic ash conveying pipe.
Hydraulic ash conveying pipe being manufactured at the Kalenborn Abresist plant in Indiana.
Precise measurements taken for wear and abrasion resistant linings.
Measurements taken on site are used to develop the precise combination of bevels and shapes to fit the application. They are painstakingly assembled in our plant prior to installation.
KALOCER tiles.
KALOCER® tiles are pre-engineered and cut to shape during manufacture to fit together in the required configuration.

Casting Abresist tiles.
Casting Abresist tiles.
Steel fabrication for special fitting tiles.
Steel fabrication for special fittings tined in Urbana.
KALMETALL plate production.
KALMETALL plate production.