KALSICA® Wear Protection Linings

Silicon Carbide Ceramics Abrasion Protection and High Temperature Resistance Linings

KALSICA® wear and high temperature resistance linings for pipes and piping system components.
  • Outstanding resistance against wear and thermal
    shock. KALSICA is part of the silicon carbide ceramics group and is available in different qualities:
  • Silicon infiltrated (KALSICA-S)
  • Silicon nitride bonded (KALSICA-A, -N, -P)
  • Metal bonded (KALSICA-M)
High precision can be achieved in manufacturing KALSICA shapes, formed by pressing or casting, then sintered in a reactor kiln. Wall thickness from 2 mm for the shaped components is another advantage of using KALSICA wear protection linings.

Silicon carbide linings for plant components for extreme wear, thermal shock and high temperature resistance.

Installation: individual shapes and components laid in mortar, epoxy, or temperature and acid resistant based mastics. Mechanical attachment is also possible.

Application temperature: up to 1000°C/1832°F depending on application and geometry.

Advantages: highly abrasion resistant, resistant to thermal shocks and
manufactured with small tolerances.

Kalsica lined pipe provides extreme wear KALSICA® Slicon Carbide Ceramic Lined pipe transition.
KALSICA lined pipe provides extreme wear
and thermal shock resistance in pneumatic conveying.
KALSICA® Silicon Carbide Ceramic Lined pipe transition.


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