KALMETALL® Hard Overlay Welding Plates

Tough Wear Resistant Lining Material Available
from Kalenborn Abresist for Handling a Combination of Impact Wear and Sliding Abrasion

KALMETALL®W hard overlay welding wear resistant linings are impact, high temperature and abrasion resistant protection.
  • Installs into existing steel structures.
  • Design as a cost-effective, low weight,
    self supporting structure.
  • Hard-facing available in a variety of different
    qualities, thicknesses and dimensions.
  • Standard base material is A-36 carbon steel
    for operating temperatures up to 662° F / 350° C.
  • Standard base thickness is 3/16" or 1/4".
    Others available.
  • Standard hard-faced metal plates range from 48" x 96" to 60" x 120".
  • Wide selection of fastening systems.
  • Customized components.
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KALMETALL® hard overlay welded plates are manufactured at our subsidiary plant in Tennessee, Kalenborn Technologies LLC. These wear plates are a combination of a strong steel base and a hard overlay welded chromium carbide protective layer that is impact, high temperature and abrasion resistant. The base consists of standard carbon steel or alloy plates designed to suit your specific application. The protective layer is composed of a C-Cr-Fe system with primary chromium carbides and is an integral part of the structure.

Installation:individual shaped components can be mechanically attached by welding or the use of threaded studs or countersunk bolts. In addition, self-supporting structures can be designed using hard faced sheets assembled by mechanical means or by welding.

Application temperature: up to 1382° F / 750° C depending on material, application and geometry.

Advantages: highly impact and abrasion resistant.

Cyclone exit protected with KALMETALL® W hard overlay welding plates.
Clinker dust pipe: cyclone exit protected with KALMETALL®.
PF-burner lined with KALMETALL® W wear resistant linings.
PF-burner lined with KALMETALL®.


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