KALMETALL® TC Tungsten Carbide

Toughest Wear Resistant Lining Material Available from Kalenborn Abresist for Extreme Abrasion and Impact Wear Resistance

KALMETALL®-TC wear resistant, abrasion, impact wear resistance and corrosion resistant lining.
1. Bolt-on KALMETALL®-TC wear panels combined with KALOCER® on a 64 fan rotor
2. Refractory fiber fan casing volute
3. Refractory fiber fan rotor.

KALMETALL®-TC Tungsten Carbide provides abrasion and impact wear resistance.

The wear properties of KALMETALL®-TC are determined by the ratio of tungsten carbide to the cobalt binder and can be tailored to each application.

Used alone or in combination with other wear and corrosion resistant linings, KALMETALL®-TC simply lasts where others fail. Excellent product for use on fan blades, processing machinery components and in pipes and elbows where extreme abrasion exists.

  • Longest lasting wear material available.
  • Maintains hardness at high temperatures.
  • Available in thin tiles, shapes or cylinders.
  • A variety of grades for different situations.
  • Attachment by brazing, KALBOND or standard adhesives.
  • Outlasts alumina 5 times or more.
  • Highly corrosion resistant lining.
  • Continuous service temperatures to 480°C (900°F).

Bullet-proof Your Equipment with KALMETALL®-TC

Kalenborn Abresist can:

  • Apply KALMETALL®-TC to existing components
  • Incorporate linings in new re-engineered parts
  • Supply complete fabrication

KALMETALL®-TC is ideal for:

  • Abrasive material in fans & rotors
  • Plows and paddles in sand mixers
  • Pneumatic system pipes & elbows handling cullet and hard rock ores
  • Severe duty rotating parts

See full dimensions and specifications on the PDF Sheet.


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