KALCRET® Hard Compound

Trowelled, Cast or Sprayed on Wear Protection for System Components and Pipes

KALCRET® trowelable cement bonded wear protection offers high wear resistance for abrasion resistant linings.
KALCRET® casting into molds can be formed to fit your abrasion and wear resistance needs.
Trowelling KALCRET® is another option where high wear and high temperature occur.

KALCRET hard compound a family of cement bonded wear protection materials. These are based on inorganic materials of high strength and good wear resistance.

The specific density is attained by a well balanced particle size distribution of the individual components. The pores between the cement portions are filled by the addition of superfine particles of micro silica.

KALCRET reaches high compressive strength after 8 hours. It is excellently suited for repairs. The mixture includes defined additives and is made up of:

  • Hard aggregate materials
  • Cement binder
  • Micro silica

A specific portion of steel fibers is added to enhance the structural strength. The type of steel fibers used depends on the thermal, chemical and corrosive stress to which the wear protection will be exposed. Expansion joints will be provided when KALCRET is used at higher temperatures.

Concerning its chemical resistance KALCRET is more stable than regular concrete. However, KALCRET can not be used as acid protection. Watch the video.

Ideal for material combinations - KALCRET is also fit for combination with other materials from the Kalenborn Abresist wear protection program, such as with

Installation: by trowelling, casting in molds, or spraying.
Application temperature: up to 1200°C / 2192°F depending on material,
application and geometry.
Advantages: highly wear resistant, strong and jointless lining,
highly temperature resistant.

KALCRET® wear protection materials mold into any shape or form you need, providing maximum protection.
Tiles and shaped elements made from the cast compound are prefabricated at the Kalenborn Abresist plant and equipped with well-known attachment hardware, such as steel corner inserts.
KALCRET® wear protection materials mold into any shape or form you need, providing maximum protection.
Pipes and pipe bends lined with KALCRET® hard compound are produced with an inside diameter of more than 40 mm.

KALCRET®-S Sprayable Hard Compound

Sprayable Abrasion Resistant Lining for Large Surfaces, Installs Quickly, Even Overhead

New spray system applies abrasion resistant KALCRET®-S wear compound to large surfaces quickly and reliably, in a uniform, compact layer, free of joints. KALCRET®-S significantly reduces wear and abrasion on system components and pipes in many industries including cement, power, glass, iron/steel, mining, and refuse incineration.

KALCRET®-S hard compound is a mixture of hard aggregate materials ranging in size from 0-4 mm and consisting of bauxite or corundum (depending on application), cement binder and micro silica. Defined amounts of steel fibers add structural strength. Watch the video.

  • Spray system delivers a continuous, uniform layer.
  • Spray horizontally or vertically to achieve a joint free lining.
  • Surface can be smoothed immediately after spraying.
  • No sandblasting required before application.
  • Fast application rate > 5m²/Hr. (54 sq. ft./Hr.)
  • 24 hour setting time.
  • Use at temperatures up to 1200°C (2192°F).
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance and oxidation stability.
  • Thicknesses range from 20 to 100mm (.78" to 3.93"), depending
    on severity of wear.
  • Use wire mesh or anchors for mechanical attachment.

Provides Fast, Reliable Wear Protection for Separators, Cyclones, Ductwork and Dust Collectors

  • Spray system especially developed for installing KALCRET®-S
  • Continuous and homogeneous delivery of the KALCRET®-S compound to the spray nozzle
  • High-pressure water dosing and injection developed for KALCRET®-S to achieve
    optimal wetting
  • Spraying system made available in installation container
Sprayable abrasion resistant lining for large surfaces.
KALCRET®-S spray system

Preparing the job

  • Working temperatures between
    5 and 30°C (40 and 90°F)
  • Steel surfaces shall be mechanically cleaned
  • Concrete surfaces shall be free of oil, laitance and loose particles

Working of KALCRET®-S

  • Conveying distance of spraying compound longer than
    50 m/160’ from the spraying machine
  • Particularly suitable for complicated geometries and large surfaces
  • Heating-up curves shall be duly observed
  • Material spillage approx. 20%
  • 75% of final strength reached as early as 24 hours after installation
  • Working distance 800 to 1200 mm/32”-48”

See the KALCRET®-S Data Sheet for complete specifications.

KALCRET®-S sprayable hard compound abrasion resistant lining.

Sprayable KALCRET®-S offers wear resistance and wear protection for separators, cyclones, ductwork and dust collectors.
Homogenous structure