KALCOR® Cast Zirconium Corundum

KALCOR® Cast Linings Provide Maximum Protection Against Extreme Wear and High Temperature

KALCOR® cast linings offers wear protection for high abrasion and high temperature applications.
  • Complex shapes to cover curved or flat surfaces
    of any configuration.
  • Can be cast with an eccentric ID for a thicker wall
    where needed.
  • True-arc shapes for fewer joints, smoother wear surface.
  • Applications up to 1000°C/1850°F.
  • Protects components where extreme abrasion is a problem.
  • Multiple attachment methods, such as welding and adhesives.
  • Tiles have a minimum 1 inch (25 mm) thickness;
    pipes a minimum 3/4 inch (20 mm).
  • Specify for existing systems or original equipment.
  • Custom engineered for specific applications.
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KALCOR® cast zirconium corundum is a combination of alumina, zirconia and silica that is melted at 3,600°F and then cast in tiles of various types, cylinders, and custom designed shapes for wear protection. The pre-engineered, cast linings withstand extreme abrasion and moderate impact and have a low thermal conductivity.

Installation: cylinders or shaped components in cement mortar or special mastics. Mechanical attachment is also possible.

Application temperature: up to 1000°C/1832°F depending on application and geometry.

Advantages: highly abrasion resistant, temperature resistant, corrosion resistant.

High temperature wear protection in a dedusting cyclone with KALCOR® Cast Zirconium Corundum wear resistant linings.
High temperature wear protection in a dedusting cyclone of a blast furnace plant in Europe lined with KALCOR fused cast corundum made of alumina and zirconia.
Raw gas duct in a refinery lined with KALCOR® cast linings from Abresist.
Raw gas duct in a refinery also lined with KALCOR fused cast corundum lining from Kalenborn Abresist.


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