KALCOR-S Zirconium Corundum

KALCOR-S Zirconium Corundum Lining for Abrasion Resistance and High Temperature Resistance

  • KALCOR-S abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance liningsSintered material made of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide for components that are subject to both severe wear and high temperatures.
  • Application temperature: up to approximately 1,250°C / 2,282°F – depending on the specific service conditions and geometry.
  • Installation: cylinders and special shapes are laid in cement mortar or special adhesives. Mechanical fixing systems are feasible in other cases.
  • Advantages: highly wear resistant, temperature resistant, good thermal shock resistance.
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The demands on wear protection materials continues to evolve as are adapted to specific application conditions. KALCOR-S material has been engineered for good abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance up to 1,250°C / 2,282°F. It is produced by cold forming aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide raw materials into tiles, shaped elements and cylinders and then sintering. This allows the production of elements tailored to a variety of system component geometries.

Can be Easily Adapted to Components that Need Protection from Wear and Heat

Easily adapted to components needing heat and wear protection, including cylinders
KALCOR-S can be made into cylinders with relatively thin walls. The cylinder shown above has a diameter of 14" (350 mm), a wall thickness of 1/2" (12 mm) and a maximum length of 19-5/8" (500 mm).
KALCOR-S, for abrasion and high temperature resistance, features a dense, homogeneous structure
The cut surface indicates the dense, homogeneous structure of KALCOR-S. The surfaces are practically free of voids.

Advantages of KALCOR-S:

  • Very hard and abrasion resistant
  • Zirconium-corundum material
  • Practically free of voids
  • Pipe diameters between 2" (50 mm) and 20" (500 mm)
  • Thin walls cylinders at 1/2"
  • Maximum application temperature 1,250°C / 2,282°F
  • Wide range of geometries
  • Good thermal shock resistance


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