Installation and Erection Solutions for Abrasion Resistant Pipe

A prerequisite for effective wear protection for abrasion resistant pipe is proper installation. The appropriate installation and erection method depends on the material or material conveyed, application, equipment design and installation position. Other factors to consider are temperature, pipe diameter, if sliding or impact wear prevail and whether corrosive or acid exposure is present. Installation of the engineered wear resistant linings can be performed or supervised by Kalenborn Abresist in our workshops or on-site anywhere in the world.

ABRESIST® basalt tiles for wear protection. Custom fit KALCOR® linings for abrasion resistant pipe. Wear resistant linings are each installed with a specific adhesive
Custom fit KALCOR®
Specific adhesive for each installation.

Wear protection available for complicated arrangements Installation advice on-site.
Complicated arrangements. Installation advice on-site.

Lining of a cyclone with ALRESIST tiles, mechanically attached. KALCRET® sprayable lining for abrasion resistant pipe
Lining of a cyclone with
KALOCER® tiles, mechanically attached.

KALCRET® spraying technology.