Industries Served by Kalenborn Abresist

Our engineered wear resistant linings serve many industries wherever friction-induced abrasion is a problem - and are marketed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Industries using abrasion resistant linings and wear resistant linings from Kalenborn Abresist Kalenborn Abresist customers range from the power industry to the cement, chemical, coal, building products, mining, pulp & paper and food industries where Abresist and Kalocer are approved for use in FDA food processing plants. Any industry that works with highly abrasive raw materials or by-products is a candidate for using our linings. They are ideal for lining components susceptible to severe abrasion in plant material handling and processing operations.

The ABRESIST® basalt linings are effective in applications such as pipes, tees, elbows, separators, cyclones, silos, bunkers, concrete and steel troughs, chutes, impellers and agitators, fan blades and fan casings, conveyor screws, chain conveyors, mixers, pulpers; wherever friction-induced abrasion is a problem.