Application Examples

Typical Abrasion Problems in Processing Plants Can Be Solved Easily with Kalenborn Abresist Wear Resistant Linings

The large rocks handled in quarries and mines aren’t the only problems for conveying and processing systems. In modern process plants, characterized by high throughput rates and conveying velocities, even apparently harmless materials cause significant wear.

To achieve both technical and economical wear protection, many factors have to be taken into account. The choice needs to be based on the application. The best solution for long life and economical abrasion protection depends upon the proper selection of the lining material as well as the knowledge of expected cost.

Kalenborn Abresist has lining materials that include a wide range of individual characteristics:

  • Resistant to Sliding Abrasion
  • Impact Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant to 1200° C / 2000° F
  • Slide Promoting
  • Various Shape Capabilities
  • Numerous Attachment Systems

Here is a list of typical abrasion problem components:
Abresist fused cast basalt wear resistant linings are a mineral based wear protection material for plant components.

Abresist wear protection.

Abrasion resistant linings from Abresist Corporation.

Abresist wear resistant linings for wear and abrasion protection.

- Augers - Manifolds
- Ash Pipelines - Mixer Troughs
- Belt Discharge Chutes - Pipe Bends
- Bunker Spirals - Pipes
- Bunkers - Pneumatic Backfill Lines
- Channels - Prilling Tower Bottoms
- Chutes - Pulpers
- Circulating Air Separators - Receivers
- Continuous-flow Conveyor - Rotary Valves
- Cyclones - Screw Conveyor Troughs
- Dissolving Tanks - Scrubbers
- Drying Sections - Settling Basins
- Dust Collecting Equipment - Shaft Spirals
- Dust Collecting Pipes - Sifters
- Fan Blades - Silos
- Fan Casings - Sinter Troughs
- Flue-Gas Ducts - Tailing Lines
- Flumes - Tanks
- Gravel Release Tunnels - Thickeners
- Hoppers of Rotary Dryers - Tubular Chain Conveyors
- Hydrocyclones - Turbo Separators
- Launders - Vibrating Toughs
- Washing Drums
Kalenborn Abresist also recommends these other wear resistant linings: