Pneumatic Conveying Examples

Typical Abrasion Problems in Pneumatic Conveying Components and Piping

Wear resistant pneumatic conveying linings reduce the severe abrasion of the bends in the pneumatic systems.

With pneumatic conveying abrasion normally occurs in the pipe bends and in the subsequent straight sections where the conveyed material is subject to a high degree of turbulence. Compared to later straight sections, service life will be shorter.

To reduce the severe abrasion of the bends in pneumatic systems, abrasion resistant piping components with wear resistant linings – such as KALOCER® – should be used.

Because of continuing turbulence in the straight sections after bends, abrasion resistant piping should be installed. Recommended length: 10 times the inside diameter or 1 - 2 meters on the smaller diameters.


Industry Material
Abrasive Products Grinding wheel granules, shingle granules
Aluminum Plants Calcined Alumina, bauxite, electrode carbon, crushed bath
Breweries, Grain Processing,
Feed Mills, Malting Plants
Corn, barley, soybeans, malt, cocoa beans, sunflower seeds, rice hulls
Cement Clinker dust, limestone, cement, fly ash, coal, blast furnace slag, petroleum coke
Chemical Plants Caustic lime, fertilizers, lime dust, chrome ore, paint pigments, plastic pellets with glass fibers
Coal Fired Power
Coal, fly ash, pyrites, slag, ash, limestone, carbon
Coal Mines Coal dust, mine waste for backfilling
Foundries Molding sand, dust collection
Glass Plants Batch, cullet, quartz, kaoline, feldspar, nepheline
Iron & Steel Sinter dust, limestone, lime injection, iron carbide, alloy additives, carbon injection, iron oxide, pulverized coal
Mineral Mining Plants Kiln feed, ore concentrate, coal, tailings, dust
Mineral Wool & Insulation Products Perlite, stone dust, refractory fibers, production wastes, dust from sawing operations
Refuse Incineration,
Nacuum Refuse Collection
Domestic and industrial refuse
Sewage Treatment Limestone, organic fertilizer, bio solids
Kalenborn Abresist also recommends these other wear resistant linings: