Hydraulic/Conveying Examples

Typical Wear / Abrasion Problems in Hydraulic Conveyor Plant Components and Pipes

With hydraulic conveying the effects of gravity on the bulk materials being transported cause wear in pipelines along the lower section of the pipe. The entire length of a hydraulic pipeline needs abrasion resistant protection and hydraulic conveying lining materials are available. Under typical conveying conditions and general operating procedures, ABRESIST® basalt linings have proven to be extremely effective wear resistant pipe linings.

Abrasion protection in hydraulic conveying lining.

Industry Material
Cement (wet process) Raw kiln feed
Chemical Industry Slurries with solids
Coal Fired Power Stations Bottom ash, fly ash, pyrites, scrubber sludge, limestone
Coal Mining & Preparation Raw coal slurries, magnetite, tailings
Iron & Steel Blast furnace slag, furnace scrubber slurry, mill scale
Phosphate Phosphate ore, tailings
Potassium & Salt Industry Potassium salts, kieserite, salts
Refuse Incineration Slag, non-combustible residue
Sand & Gravel Plants Sand, gravel
Sewage Treatment Sludge, storm water, grit, sludge ash