Applications Include Coal, Coke, Feed, Fertilizer, Fly Ash, Glass, Grain, Limestone, Ore, Potash, Bottom Ash, Slag, Silica Sand, Other Highly Abrasive Materials, Sewage Grit

Which Abrasion Protection / Wear Resistant Lining is Best for My Application?
Applications for wear resistance and abrasion protection from Abresist Corporation.

Abrasion Resistant Pipes, Bends and Fittings
A wide range of different materials with different characteristics can be chosen to protect against wear. Pipe linings made of mineral or ceramic materials have proven to work well. Abrasion resistant pipes and fittings save money as repair frequency is greatly reduced and production time is increased. In some instances, a single avoided repair will pay for the added abrasion protection.
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Abrasion resistant pipes, bends and fittings

Wear Resistant Linings in Processing Plants
In modern process plants, characterized by high throughput rates and conveying velocities, even apparently harmless materials cause significant wear. To achieve both technical and economical wear protection, many factors have to be taken into account. The choice needs to be based on the application.
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Wear resistance in processing plants

Abrasion Protection Solutions in Hydraulic Conveying
The entire length of a hydraulic pipeline needs to have abrasion protection. Under typical conveying conditions and general operating procedures, ABRESIST® lined pipe has proven to be extremely effective.
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Abrasion resistant pipes in hydraulic conveying

Pneumatic Conveying Solutions from Kalenborn Abresist
To reduce the severe abrasion of the bends in pneumatic systems, abrasion resistant piping components with internal linings should be used. Learn More.
Abrasion protection in pneumatic conveying piping from Abresist

Economical Wear Protection in Coal Fired Power Plants
Plant components are at risk in all power plant systems, especially in coal storage and coal transport. This includes coal pulverizing and injection into the boiler, dust collection and ash removal including fly ash and wet ash. The situation is similar for limestone and gypsum in desulphurization systems. Learn More.
Coal transfer equipment is protected with ABRESIST

Economical Wear Protection in Cement Plants
All sections of cement plants are at risk with regard to wear. This covers the raw material storage and raw material processing. It includes coal pulverizing and injection into the rotary kiln. Furthermore, clinker handling and clinker grinding as well as handling of additives and cement are characterized by the same problems. Learn More.
Clinker dust pipe protected with KALCRET hard

Economical Wear Protection for the Iron and Steel Industry
Plant components are at risk in all sections of the iron and steel industry, especially in raw material storage and processing, sintering and coking plant, blast-furnace operation and slag handling. Comprehensive wear protection is an absolute must for steel production systems and rolling mills as well.
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Service solves wear

Solving Abrasion Problems in the Mining Industry
The mining industry involves many problems beyond the initial ore removal and handling of the large size feed. Most mines also include processing systems that include a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic systems characterized by high throughput rates and conveying
velocities, where even apparently harmless materials cause significant wear.
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Abresist Corporation offers abrasion protection in mining industry

Standards Drawings

View a pdf of a 'standards' drawing.
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Standard drawing of Abresist abrasion resistant pipes components